By Molly Gabel

Seyfarth Synopsis: The National Mediation Board’s new decertification rule survived the first round of legal challenge. In 2019, the NMB issued a final rule providing a direct decertification process under the Railway Labor Act and a two-year period of repose under which the NMB cannot conduct an election following a decertification. The

Gavel      By: Ashley Laken, Esq.

Seyfarth Synopsis: With respect to the lawsuits challenging the Final Persuader Rule, further amicus briefs have been filed and hearing dates have been set for the plaintiffs’ motions for preliminary injunctions.

In follow-up to our earlier blog post regarding the motion for preliminary injunction that was filed by the plaintiffs in

By Bradford L. Livingston

While the NLRA governs labor relations for most private sector employers, it specifically excludes employers covered under the Railway Labor Act (“RLA”) ─ the earlier federal statute enacted to avoid interruptions to interstate commerce and transportation via rail or air.  And just as the NLRB handles disputes under the NLRA, the