Howard M. Wexler – Editor

Howie partners with clients to ensure that they comply with the myriad of labor and employment laws that govern their workforce while remaining consistent with their company culture and goals. Complying with various state and local employment laws has become increasingly complex, given the patchwork of federal, state, and local laws that have developed over the years. Howie efficiently assists clients in navigating these ever-changing requirements, and defends them in litigation when challenged in court or before an administrative agency.

Karla E. Sanchez – Editor

Karla E. SanchezKarla helps clients create positive employee relations to minimize their exposure to labor and employment litigation. Clients often need advice and counseling on a range of labor and employment issues, including employee relations, unionization, representational elections, labor practice charges, strikes and lockouts, labor negotiations, scope and composition of bargaining units and allegations of discrimination, retaliation, and harassment. Clients look to Karla because they can trust her to represent their interests and obtain great results in trials and hearings. She provides practical legal advice and strategy to assist clients facing these issues.

Christian J. Rowley

Christian J. RowleyChristian represents employers in single plaintiff and collective-action employment matters, including discrimination, wage and hour, sex harassment, and wrongful termination cases, before state and federal courts throughout the United States, FINRA, the EEOC, and various state agencies. Christian also advises management in traditional labor matters, including organizing campaigns, labor arbitrations, NLRB cases, and collective bargaining negotiations.

Josh Henderson

Joshua Henderson
Joshua represents management in various industries in a broad range of labor and employment litigation and counseling. Joshua is the national vice chair of the firm’s Labor & Management Relations group. He is a trusted advisor and experienced litigator on traditional labor law matters. Joshua’s practice includes board litigation, collective bargaining for first and successor contracts, discharge and contract interpretation arbitrations, strikes and secondary boycotts, elections, and Section 301 litigation. Through his workplace safety and health practice, Joshua provides strategic yet practical advice on compliance with workplace safety regulations, and defends employers in administrative litigation before OSHA and Cal/OSHA, among others.

Arthur Telegen

Arthur TelegenThere are few things that happen between unions and management that Arthur has not experienced—and, as he says, in a world that values new and shiny, it can be very helpful to have well used and battle-scarred skills. Unions present a challenge to client success. That challenge has to be managed—sometimes by being conciliatory, sometimes by being aggressive. Arthur has represented national and international employers across the spectrum of industries and has successfully handled labor arbitrations involving many millions of dollars of potential liability and client-critical labor matters.

Jeffrey Berman

Jeffrey BermanJeffrey offers wise counsel and ardent defense of his clients in almost every aspect of labor and employment law. Jeffrey represents management in a variety of industries, including major medical centers, universities, religious organizations, manufacturers, and restaurants. Jeffrey has represented employers in nearly all of the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) regional offices in the Western United States. His successful representation of employers before the NLRB and the Ninth and DC Circuit Courts of Appeals changed bargaining unit determinations involving hospitals and religious schools.

Bradford Livingston

Bradford LivingstonBrad partners with clients to solve workplace issues, while achieving management’s business and economic goals and minimizing the potential risk of disruption. Employers face complex and difficult challenges in dealing with their employees, and those challenges are magnified when organized labor is involved. Clients have consistently relied on Brad—who chaired Seyfarth’s national Labor Management Relations Practice Group for more than a decade—to assist them in successfully navigating the complex legal and practical issues that arise where a labor union is involved.

Jack Toner

Jack TonerJack has a proven track record in representing clients before federal agencies, particularly the National Labor Relations Board. Employers need trusted advice dealing with the whiplash caused by changing administrations and the impact on the regulatory agencies governing employment and labor law. With more than 40 years of experience in dealing with federal regulatory agencies and positions held at the highest levels in the same agencies under his belt, clients turn to Jack for successful handling of matters before the National Labor Relations Board—particularly with regard to representation cases.

Josh Ditelberg

Josh DitelbergJosh provides leadership in developing creative and practical solutions to his clients’ labor and employment challenges. Josh achieves client business objectives by creating economic value and minimizing risk in labor and employment matters arising from corporate mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures; subcontracting and outsourcing; workforce reductions; facility closings, relocations, and consolidations; corporate reorganizations; bankruptcy; and ESOPs. He co-chairs Seyfarth’s Workplace Restructuring and Transactions group, and is a leading labor relations practitioner.

Brian Stolzenbach

Brian StolzenbachBrian is a creative yet practical counselor, litigator, and negotiator. Capable of designing and executing different strategies and tactics for different situations, he seeks first and foremost to understand his client’s objectives before charting a path forward. onsistent with his adaptable approach, Brian has significant experience representing and counseling employers in many different industries, including construction, health care, higher education, hospitality, energy, financial services, manufacturing, print and broadcast media, professional sports, retail, telecommunications, transportation, distribution and logistics, utilities, and waste management.

Marshall Babson

Marshall Babson

In his labor relations practice, Marshall provides value to clients by finding creative ways to accomplish their business objectives over the long term. Marshall assists companies in achieving their strategic business goals in the employee relations sector by devising, creating, and implementing top-notch employee relations policies and programs. Typically this involves consultation, due diligence, litigation, or collective bargaining. Marshall has more than four decades of hands-on experience, including service as a Member of the National Labor Relations Board during the Reagan Administration.

Ashley K. Cano

Ashley K. LakenAshley takes great pride in providing clients with pragmatic and effective advice and representation in the areas of employment law and labor relations. Avoiding and defending employment discrimination lawsuits and effectively managing labor relations are two areas where clients look to Ashley for assistance. She provides employers with legal and practical advice on compliance with labor and employment laws, and defends employers when they face litigation. Ashley advises employers on a wide spectrum of labor relations matters, including union avoidance, fostering positive employee relations, handling employee grievances, managing employee performance, and responding to union organizing campaigns.

Paul Galligan
Paul GalliganPaul offers quick and practical advice to clients on dealing with unions, employees, and opposing counsel. When clients are sued by employees or former employees on the basis of discrimination or retaliation, the biggest issue concerns the escalating costs of litigating such cases through discovery when the cases have no merit. Innovative arrangements can help clients to control and predict legal fees, but early settlement is still the best option, unless it exposes the client to other litigation. Clients rely on Paul’s 30 years of experience in all aspects of labor law, from both the union and employer perspectives, and particularly in the field of labor relations, to help them address issues proactively.

Amanda Sonneborn

Amanda SonnebornAmanda advises and represents clients across a number of industries in ERISA litigation, labor relations, and employment law. Amanda has considerable experience in the area of Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) litigation. Her ERISA and employee benefits litigation experience includes defense of single-plaintiff claims for benefits, breach of fiduciary duty claims, cash balance plan claims, breach of contract claims, and ERISA Section 510 employment discrimination claims.

Ken Dolin

Ken DolinKen is a trusted advisor who uses his knowledge of the law, his experience, and his ability to analyze problems from a costs and benefits perspective to assist clients with their labor and employment issues. Since 1985, Ken has represented management exclusively in a variety of labor and employment matters. This extensive experience plus his background as an attorney with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has provided him the opportunity to achieve successful results for his clients in many complex and substantial labor and employment issues.

Ronald J. Kramer

Ron is a partner representing management in labor and employment law matters. Ron has been responsible for advising and representing private and public sector employers in a wide range of labor and employment issues, including but not limited to employment discrimination charges, investigations, settlements and lawsuits; employee benefits (ERISA) litigation matters including benefit claims and multiemployer withdrawal liability assessments; and traditional labor matters such as union organizing drives, unfair labor practice charges, collective bargaining, strikes, interest arbitration, grievance and arbitration matters.