By Sarah K. Hamilton

Last week the AFL-CIO announced that Craig Becker will become AFL-CIO Co-General Counsel along with Lynn Rhinehart, the present General Counsel.  Previously, Democrat Craig Becker was a recess appointee to the National Labor Relations Board by President Obama, serving on the Board from April 5, 2010 to January 3, 2012.   Most recently, Becker is a Visiting Associate Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law School.

Becker’s new role is a promotion of sorts — Becker served as counsel to the AFL-CIO, as well as to the Service Employees International Union, prior to his time at the NLRB.  He is set to join Rhinehart in his new role on July 1.  According to the AFL-CIO, Rhinehart joined the legal staff of the AFL-CIO as Associate General Counsel in 1996 and was named AFL-CIO General Counsel in October 2009.