In this podcast episode, Ashley Cano, Partner in the Labor and Employment department of Seyfarth’s Chicago office, and John Phillips, Senior Associate in the firm’s Houston office, discuss the National Labor Relations Board’s changing view of the scope of protected concerted activity.

With a new Acting General Counsel in charge at the

By: Jennifer L. Mora and Jeffrey A. Berman

As the National Labor Relations Board transitions from a Republican-majority to a Democrat-majority, the Board’s sole Democrat, Chairman McFerran, continues to provide a window into what the future is likely to look like under a Biden Board. This blog is another in a multi-part series discussing how

With the new Biden Administration and Democrats now controlling Congress, employers can expect President Biden to move as quickly as possible to appoint Democratic Members to the NLRB. Currently, the Board has three Republican members, one Democratic member, and one vacancy. President Biden is well positioned to flip the majority composition of the Board by

By: Ashley K. Cano and John P. Phillips

Seyfarth Synopsis: Last week, the NLRB held in a 2-1 decision that an employer’s rules restricting certain types of employee communications on social media were lawful under the NLRA.  However, the Board panel was sharply divided between its Republican majority and Lauren McFerran, its sole Democratic member. 

Authors:          Glenn J. Smith and Matthew A. Sloan

On April 1, 2020, after a temporary suspension of elections, the National Labor Relations Board announced that the processing of NLRB-conducted elections would resume again. Since about then, an unprecedented 90% of representation elections conducted have been ordered by Regional directors to be conducted by mail due

By: Jason J. Silver and Glenn J. Smith

Seyfarth Synopsis: As the COVID-19 virus continues to surge throughout parts of the United States, the General Counsel’s office of the NLRB has issued certain “suggested” safety protocols to allow Regions to conduct manual elections in this unprecedented environment. The suggested safety protocols are likely to receive